Plan for 25 more houses at Stoneley Park development blocked by councillors

  Posted: 28.10.20 at 16:19 by Ethan Davies, Local Democracy Reporting Service

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CHESHIRE East councillors have voted to defer a controversial housing development in Crewe.

The plans to build 25 dwellings as a mixture of flats, bungalows, terraces and semi-detached homes at the existing Stoneley Park development north of Remer Street were seen by some as a test of planning precedent.

That is because the work was planned to take place on land earmarked as open countryside, but surrounded by housing estates on three sides.

The proposed 24.2 hectare site is part of the wider Stoneley Park scheme which has planning consent for up to 650 homes and commercial use.

Councillors took no issue with the designation of land, but did raise concerns over much of the proposal’s detail.

Cllr Joy Bratherton, Labour’s Crewe East representative, said: “We are seven [parking] spaces down on what we should have. That brings in the question of viability and legality of the site.

“At the moment, [this site] is veering towards not being as acceptable as I thought it would be.”

Along with parking, councillors also raised concerns over the flood risk at the site. The land is heavy clay and many nearby residents had reported flooding issues over the past.

As well as this, issues were raised over an out-of-date marketing report, the lack of open space, primary school places and a nearby play area.

Developers now have the opportunity to submit a revised proposal, which will be discussed at a future Cheshire East Council planning meeting.

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